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Apricot Panettone Special

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Our panettone (500g)

  • is a special gift for you and your loved ones.
  • smells and tastes of wild yeast, butter, honey, ripe apricots and vanilla.
  • has a cloudy and silky consistency.
  • is a product that embodies craftsmanship and passionate teamwork.
  • is served by two wonderful treats (Eggnog and Hazel Cream) accompanied. 
  • takes 3 days to make and therefore has a Delivery time of up to 10 days


The accompaniment

  • Eggnog (200 ml) 
    a velvety drink made from organic eggs with scotch, bourbon, cognac, rum, frangelico, apricot liqueur and mace

  • Hazel Cream (160 g)
    a creamy spread made from roasted hazelnuts (50%), dark chocolate and a strong pinch of salt

The content

For the panettone we used yellow wheat *, eggs *, sweet cream butter *, cane sugar *, honey *, "Lievito Madre", apricots *, oranges * and vanilla. Due to the traditional production of the panettone with natural sourdough ("Lievito Madre"), the panettone can be kept for at least four weeks at room temperature without chemical additives. 

For the Hazel Cream we used roasted hazelnuts, cane sugar * and dark chocolate 70%.

For the Eggnog we used eggs *, milk *, cream *, cane sugar, frangelico, scotch, bourbon, congac and rum.

* from sustainable agriculture