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Panettone pre order now & pick up on 12/22/23

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Our panettone (500g)

  • is a special gift for you and your loved ones.
  • smells and tastes of wild yeast, butter, honey, ripe apricots and vanilla.
  • has a cloudy and silky consistency.
  • is a product that incorporates craftsmanship and passionate teamwork.

The content

For the panettone we used yellow wheat (from Adlermühle in Bahlingen), eggs*, sweet cream butter *, cane sugar*, honey*, Lievito Madre, apricots*, oranges* and vanilla. Due to the traditional production of panettone with natural sourdough ("Lievito Madre"), the panettone can be kept at room temperature for four weeks without chemical additives.

*from sustainable agriculture

Nutritional values /100 g
kcal 429
Fat 18.9g
carbohydrates 56g
of which sugar 28g
protein 5.6g
fiber 3.3g