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Mushroom Misosoup (Veggie)

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Rich, vegan soup with smoked vegetables and tofu.
Handcrafted by Tomek from the Culinary Club Team.

Best for a quick lunch in the office. 

Filtered water 85%, * tofu 8.5%, * miso 4%, aromatics 1% (shii-take, wakame, smoke), ** sea salt were used for this product.

* Soy
from sustainalbe organic farming 


Nutritional value / 100 g
kcal 20,85
fat 0.91 g
carbohydrates 1.66 g
of which sugars 0.05 g
protein 1.79 g
Dietary fiber 0.05 g

Weight: 840 g, 832 g net ≜ 2 servings